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Why choose Freeer?

AI-Powered Team

Our AI-powered team takes care of administrative tasks, leaving you free to focus on your core work. Maximise productivity with minimal effort.

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Organise all your vital information in one place, effortlessly ready to share with clients. Stay organised, impress clients, and boost your efficiency.

Proposal Builder

Create compelling proposals that set you apart from the competition. Increase your chances of winning projects with persuasive offers.

Everything you need to run your freelance
business in one place


Gather all your crucial information in a single location, ready to share with clients. Impress clients and enhance your efficiency.

AI-Powered Team

Delegate admin and marketing tasks to our AI-powered team, freeing up your time to focus on your core work. Achieve maximum productivity with minimal effort.

Simple CRM

Streamline client relationships management, strengthening connections and enhancing your freelance business effortlessly.

Outreach Tool

Expand your client network and secure more projects. Boost your reach and grow your freelance career effortlessly.

Proposal Builder

Enhance your project-winning potential by crafting persuasive proposals that effectively differentiate you from the competition.

Contract Builder

Access expertly crafted, UK-specific legal agreements effortlessly. Ensure compliance and protect your freelance business.

Invoice Generator

Generate invoices quickly and automatically send them to clients, ensuring faster payments and streamlining your financial management.


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"Managing my freelance work used to be a challenge, but since I started using everything has become so much easier. The AI-Powered Team takes care of invoicing and administrative tasks, allowing me to focus on writing. It's a comprehensive solution that every freelancer should consider."

James Patel

Content Writer

"It's a powerful tool that streamlines every aspect of my work. The Contract Builder tool ensures I have legally sound agreements in place, while the proposal Builder helps me win more work."

Emma Bennett

Social Media Freelancer 


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